Cyber Incident Response Services

No organization wants to experience a security incident, but in today’s environment it’s no longer “if” but “when”. As a trusted cyber incident response company, we empower our clients to be ready to respond, mitigate and actively recover from any cybersecurity event with a team of cyber security experts on standby. We understand the impact downtime can have on an organization and with 60% of SMBs closing their doors 6 months after a security incident, can you afford to not be prepared?

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At PSM Partners, we provide proactive Incident Response planning along with remediation services in the event of a security incident. We support the Chicago, IL area and have capabilities nationwide to ensure our clients are covered regardless of location. Our clients place their trust in us to deliver expert advisory services for cyber and risk management, perform cyber readiness assessments, and respond to any security event at a moment’s notice. We understand the delicacy and urgency these incidents require which is why we have developed a proven response process handling not only the technical side but also the business needs.

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Cyber Incident Response Services

We understand the importance of being able to right the ship as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive incident response service to help your organization respond quickly and effectively to any security incidents. With our IT Security Incident Response Team, you can rest assured that your organization is prepared to handle any security incident. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a consultation with our team.

Our Cyber Incident Response Service includes the following features:

Rapid Response: Our team of incident response experts are available 24/7 to quickly assess the situation and provide guidance on the necessary actions to take.

Business Operation Workflow: We work with the client to understand the key business operation requirements and build a pathway to recovery.

Event Analysis: Our team assists in collecting event analysis of the incident, determining the extent of the damage and identifying the root cause of the issue.

Incident Recovery: Providing rapid response engineers on the ground to recover the affected environment.

Post-Incident Hardening: Our experience remediating a wide range of security incidents has allowed us to understand and protect against the ever-evolving threat landscape. We take that collective knowledge along with collaborating with industry leaders to harden and boost the resilience of your environment from future incidents.

Incident Response Process

Incident response is a structured approach to managing and responding to security incidents within an organization. It involves a set of procedures and protocols designed to detect, contain, mitigate, and recover from security incidents, such as cyberattacks, data breaches, or physical security breaches. Overall, incident response is a critical component of any organization’s security program, as it helps to minimize the impact of security incidents and enables organizations to quickly recover from security breaches.

The incident response process typically includes the following steps:

Step 1


This step involves developing and implementing an incident response plan that outlines the roles and responsibilities of the incident response team, as well as procedures for detecting and responding to incidents.

Step 1

Step 2


The incident response team detects and identifies a security incident through various means, such as intrusion detection systems, security logs, or reports from employees or customers.

Step 2

Step 3


The team works to contain the incident, limiting its scope and preventing further damage to systems and data.

Step 3

Step 4


The incident response team conducts a detailed analysis of the incident, determining the extent of the damage and identifying the root cause of the issue.

Step 4

Step 5


The team takes steps to remove the threat from the affected systems and data, eliminating the risk of further damage.

Step 5

Step 6


The team works to restore systems and data to their previous state, minimizing the impact of the incident on the organization.

Step 6

Step 7

Post-incident activity

The incident response team conducts a post-incident analysis to identify lessons learned and to make improvements to the incident response plan.

Step 7

Incident Response Services FAQ

Don’t panic, you are in good hands. Call our emergency cybersecurity hotline without delay, as our cyber emergency response team is prepared to promptly spring into action and address the situation at hand. Call (312) 319-1681

Incident response is the process of managing and addressing cybersecurity incidents or any other significant events that can impact an organization’s information systems, networks, or data. It involves a coordinated and structured approach to identifying, investigating, mitigating, and recovering from security incidents.

An incident response plan is a documented set of procedures and guidelines that outline how an organization will respond to and handle cybersecurity incidents. It provides a structured framework for the incident response team, defining roles, responsibilities, and the sequence of steps to be taken during each stage of incident response. We can help you build a custom incident response plan tailored to your organization.

Outsourced IT Services

When you work with PSM, you have the option of outsourcing IT support services in which we can take over and manage certain aspects of your IT system.  We can also provide remote 24/7/365 monitoring of your system which allows us to identify any issues or outages before they happen and implement necessary fixes to protect your system and keep it online.  We will also provide maintenance reports to keep you up to date on the status of your system.

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Whether you need immediate action or want a consultation on Incident Response Services, talk to our professionals at PSM Partners. You can reach us at (312) 940-7830 for more about our Incident Response Services in the Chicago, IL area.

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