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Sourcing telecommunications infrastructure (Internet access, Wide Area Networks, phone systems, Contact Center solutions, data center rack, space and power and any “as a service” cloud solutions) is typically one of the least favorite aspects of any IT professional’s job. Staying ahead of the everchanging landscape, pricing and the who’s who of service providers requires time, energy and resources most business leaders don’t have. Throw into the mix the rapid advance of remote workforce infrastructure, and pushy salespeople from the providers, and you have a recipe for major headaches.

Having a trusted advisor at your disposal to help navigate the buying experience, while sourcing the best fit options for your business and your budget, can make life a whole lot easier. We aren’t talking about carriers or resellers who’s only intent is to sell their solution. Finding a reputable broker/agent to guide you through a buying process, and source the best solution for your unique use case, is the best way to ensure you win in the otherwise messy world of telecom.

At PSM Partners, we provide telecom procurement services in Chicago, IL to help businesses maximize the use of their telecom infrastructure. 

Telecom Procurement

At PSM, we understand telecom procurement because we have decades of experience working with all the major players globally. We have broker/agent relationships with over 150 vendors, and we strategically pit them against each other to fight for your business. What we offer is a seamless, comprehensive buying experience, backed by real time industry statistics, dynamic vendor comparison matrices and immediate pricing options. Our team spends their time collecting industry data and updating vendor scorecards so you can make well-educated buying decisions. Have an immediate requirement? Need a quick PowerPoint for your leadership meeting to compare your company’s network spend against the current market rates? Want to present your owner with an elegant pricing spreadsheet? Call us and we will put it all together for you.

PSM is your Chicago Telecom Procurement Provider and will ensure that your business telecom is efficient and cost effective.  We offer the following procurement solutions:

  • Internet
  • Data Centers
  • UCaaS
  • CCaaS
  • CPaaS
  • SASE
  • Microsoft Solutions

“Learn how we helped our client recover over $400,000 in telecom costs in the form of cash and credits.

Billing Analysis

Gartner reported that an estimated 80% of all telecom invoices contain an error in the provider’s favor. With all the market consolidation, blending of network assets and multiple complex billing systems, it is no surprise the carriers can’t keep it straight. You can’t focus on your critical line of business applications if you are constantly policing your telecom provider for billing accuracy. PSM specializes in forensic analysis of telecom service reports and invoices. Our team of experts will review your current and historical records to ensure you are not being overbilled. We have identified and recouped over $3 million in billing errors on behalf of our clients. Talk to us about our telecom billing audit process.

Contract Negotiation and Management

We are here to help you negotiate your next telecom contract. We deal with these carriers and their agreements every day, and we know how to get you the best possible agreement with the most flexibility. Our telecom contract management services team can analyze your current agreements as well and look for ways to avoid the pitfalls of a Minimum Annual Revenue Commitment (MARC), unfavorable Service Level Agreements (SLA) and autorenewal clauses.

Service providers love to work with companies who don’t have a dedicated resource for wireless or telecom contract management. They prey on those with limited knowledge of their processes. We are here to stop the madness and get you the value you deserve!

Telecom Procurement FAQ

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) is a cloud-based service for voice calling over the internet which comes with a lower cost of voice calling over the phone.  United Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is an expansion of VoIP services that integrates other types of IP communication along with voice calling including messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, and more.

With both VoIP and UCaaS services, a third party provides the platform and applications for your business to use within your telecom infrastructure.

Unified communications describe a service in which a third party provides multiple applications for different types of communications that are integrated into one platform.  A commonly used example is Microsoft Unified Communications which includes OneDrive cloud storage, Outlook, Skype, and Microsoft Teams among others.

Microsoft Teams is one application included within Microsoft Unified Communications that allows for text messaging, voice calling, and video conferencing. 

A software-defined wide-area network (SD WAN) uses various software applications to optimize communications over a large network.  With this type of network, a centralized, software-based controller that can be hosted in the cloud is used to manage the networking hardware.  The SD WAN securely connects users within the network to applications and the various pathways within an SD WAN can be encrypted for security purposes.

A telecom audit is a professional examination of an organization’s billing and other telecommunication services. It involves a thorough review of invoices, usage records, taxes, tariffs, contracts, rates and other information associated with the telecommunications services used by the business. The objective of a telecom audit is to identify potential errors or overcharges that can result in significant savings for the business. Telecom services are the first place to look for immediate cost reduction opportunities for your business, sign up for a free telecom audit today!

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We understand that the procurement process can be complex, time-consuming, and sometimes overwhelming. Our Telecom Procurement and Cloud Communication Specialists have extensive experience in the industry, and we work with a wide range of providers to ensure that you have access to the best solutions available.

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