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According to Gartner, an estimated 80% of telecom invoices contain errors and most of those errors are in the carrier’s favor. Couple that fact with the everchanging telecommunications pricing landscape and it makes it very difficult for business owners to stay ahead of the game. Are you paying too much? Our telecom expense management services help organizations improve their visibility and control over their telecom and cloud estates, while driving significant cost-savings.

At PSM Partners, we provide telecom expense management (TEM) services to help businesses maximize their investment in their telecom infrastructure. Our professionals will audit and maintain your telecom inventory, and we will come up with solutions to ensure your business is leveraging the most effective and secure communications platforms available in the market.

PSM is your Chicago-based TEM provider and will ensure that your business telecom posture is efficient and cost-effective. We offer the following managed telecom services:

  • Telecom expense management
  • Telecom audit
  • Telecom inventory management
  • Telecom contract management
  • Telecom lifecycle management
  • Strategic Sourcing of Telecom Services
  • Price benchmarking
  • RFP design and management

Our experts are highly skilled in TEM as well as strategic sourcing. We offer a full range of fixed and mobile TEM, as well as, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud management and benchmarking, sourcing, and procurement support.
Our experienced team will work closely with you to provide accurate reporting on usage trends, identify inefficient processes or wasteful expenditures, develop telecom strategies that work for your organization, negotiate better rates with suppliers, implement effective cost control measures, manage complex contracts with vendors, and more. , We provide helpful insights into how best to utilize the latest technology solutions available today.

“Learn how we helped our client recover over $400,000 in telecom costs in the form of cash and credits.

Telecom Audit

Telecom audits are a critical process for organizations when working to minimize the costs associated with your telecom inventory. A comprehensive telecom audit from PSM can help you identify gaps, optimize expenses and reinvest savings in business-critical projects PSM’s telecom audit service is a fully managed, end-to-end process dedicated to delivering unmatched customer satisfaction. Our TEM process begins with an in-depth analysis of your current billing structure and usage patterns to identify discrepancies and erroneous charges. We then thoroughly review your entire telecom inventory including contracts, invoices, services and vendors. Once we have identified areas where improvements can be made, we create a custom solution tailored to meet your specific needs while still focusing on reducing expenses for year-over-year savings. Our commitment to providing the best possible service means that we are constantly evaluating new technologies and processes and sharing that insight with you.

Telecom Audit Process

At PSM, this is more than just a simple audit; we offer innovative strategies for maximizing efficiency, eliminating unnecessary costs and increasing overall productivity within your organization’s telecommunications environment. With our expert knowledge of the industry and experience providing substantial savings for hundreds of businesses, you can trust us to deliver results above and beyond expectations. 

Our telecom audit process:

  • We audit every line item of every invoice to provide a clearer view of your telecom inventory
  • Experienced staff methodically documents every item, produces a proper inventory for your review and provides insights into potential cost savings
  • We will benchmark alternative solutions at competitive market rates so you have leverage with your provider to obtain the most competitive pricing possible

Telecom Expense Management FAQ

Telecom expense management is the management of the costs of your telecom infrastructure including voice, data, and mobile.  By outsourcing TEM to a professional like PSM, you can expect them to thoroughly analyze your telecom expenses to identify ways to cut costs and eliminate unauthorized usage and charges, late payment fees, and billing errors. 

With telecom expense management services, you will use your telecom infrastructure more efficiently while cutting unnecessary costs.

A telecom audit is a professional examination of an organization’s billing and other telecommunication services. It involves a thorough review of invoices, usage records, taxes, tariffs, contracts, rates and other information associated with the telecommunications services used by the business. The objective of a telecom audit is to identify potential errors or overcharges that can result in significant savings for the business. Telecom services are the first place to look for immediate cost reduction opportunities for your business, sign up for a free telecom audit today!

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Internal telecom infrastructure has never been more important as more businesses are having people working remotely.  If you want to ensure that you are using your telecom infrastructure as efficiently as possible, contact our professionals at PSM for telecom expense management.  We will analyze your telecom situation and implement solutions to maximize efficiency and lower your expenses.

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