Maximize Microsoft's end-user solutions at NextGen Windows Workshop. Elevate hybrid work with Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop.

NextGEN Windows Workshop

NextGen Windows Workshop helps you land the value proposition of Microsoft’s cloud solutions for end-user computing with business decision makers.

Our NextGen Windows Workshop solutions include Windows 365, Windows running on Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows Autopatch, Windows 11 Enterprise and Microsoft Intune. ​


Focus on priorities, initiatives & key influences in your hybrid work & end-user computing


Learn about end-user computing strategies, Windows 11, and Windows 365 to drive endpoint modernization with your customers


Work together on showcasing Cloud PC provisioning & management with Windows 365 in a production environment


Plan next steps on how we can work together

By attending, you can:

  • Understand a ​customer’s hybrid work scenarios and end-user computing goals and objectives.
  • Gain insights into a customer’s device ​landscape for both physical and virtual endpoints.
  • Present Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows Autopatch solutions that provide a secure desktop experience from virtually anywhere.
  • Showcase Windows 365 Cloud PC provisioning and management with ​Microsoft Intune.

The next generation of Windows represents a shift in how our customers are solving end-user computing challenges. Across Information Workers, Frontline Workers, and Temporary / Elastic workforces, our customers are looking for the latest and most innovative solutions to answer those challenges.​

We’ll work with you to: ​

  • Better understand when and how to leverage Cloud PCs with Windows 365​.
  • How best to manage virtual endpoints across Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop​.
  • Leveraging Windows 11, the most secure OS yet, to enable hybrid work for all employees.​
  • Implementing best practices for endpoint management with Microsoft Intune.

NextGEN Windows Workshop

$ 5,000



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