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Digital technologies continue to evolve rapidly and are continuously changing the way that businesses operate. Digital solutions are being used more for tasks that were once done manually and businesses of all types are able to integrate more of their operations using digital technologies. Modifying existing processes and creating new processes with digital technologies not only allows for more efficient operation, but also helps improve company culture and customer experiences.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technologies in every aspect of business operations. This fundamentally changes how businesses and organizations function by consolidating and streamlining new and existing operations to improve efficiency and the customer experience.  The purpose of a digital transformation is not just to introduce new technology but reimagine your processes while doing so and adapt to changing business and market requirements.


Chicago’s Leading Digital Transformation Company

PSM is a digital transformation company that has helped Chicago businesses leverage available technologies to consolidate their operations and provide a better customer experience.  Our professionals can help with your business technology transformation by assessing your IT infrastructure and identifying opportunities to further integrate every area of your business with digital solutions.  We are ready to help businesses of all industries with our comprehensive digital transformation services.

If you are ready to take the next step in your digital business transformation, talk to our experts at PSM.  You can reach us at (312) 940-7830 for more about how we can help consolidate your business operations through our digital transformation services and consulting.

PSM provides the following digital transformation services:

Digital Transformation Solutions

Our professionals at PSM will first assess your current IT infrastructure to understand your business operations and technology goals.  We will then identify gaps in your IT strategy and suggest digital transformation solutions to close these gaps and better integrate your operations.  The solutions we suggest and implement will help improve the efficiency of your operating models while aligning with the best practices of your industry.

Our goal is to help create efficient, scalable, and sustainable processes to streamline business operations and improve the customer experience.  Enterprise digital transformation is centered on encouraging creativity among your employees to continuously improve processes and company culture.  We will also identify and monitor key metrics for insight into which strategies are working the best and which need improvement.

One aspect of digital transformation is consolidating processes with digital technologies which helps improve communication between employees and eliminate silos.  We can help implement and manage the following to help with your digital transformation:


  • Microsoft 365: A Microsoft 365 subscription gives your business access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other software that can be accessed by your employees.
  • Azure: Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing software which allows you to centralize important data. Employees can each be given access to data on the cloud.
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a chat application that your employees can use to stay in constant communication. This app can be used to share and edit files and do video calls.
  • Microsoft Security: We can implement Microsoft Security to protect your IT infrastructure from viruses and threats.

Digital Transformation by Industry

Digital transformation can benefit businesses and organizations across industries.  Our professionals will help close gaps in your operations with efficient technological solutions and ensure that your strategies align with the best practices of your industry.

We can help organizations and companies that need digital transformation in the following industries:

  • Digital transformation for higher education
  • Digital transformation for financial institutions
  • Digital transformation for healthcare
  • Digital transformation for law firms
  • Digital transformation for non-profits
  • Digital transformation for associates
  • Digital transformation for utility
  • Digital transformation for manufacturing

Digital Transformation Consulting

At PSM, we can implement and manage your digital business transformation or take on a consulting role to help you manage the digital transformation.  Like with our managed IT services, we will evaluate your current IT infrastructure and suggest new technologies and strategies you can implement to improve your operations.  As your digital transformation consultant, we will be there at every step to provide guidance as you implement, manage, and refine your IT strategy.

How Do I Introduce New Technology in the Workplace?

Employees get comfortable with the way things operate within a business or organization which makes introducing new technology a bit of a challenge.  It is common for employees to be resistant to new technologies, but it is important to be able to implement new processes to improve your operations.

Taking these steps can help you implement new technology in your workplace:

  • Choose beneficial technology: The technology you choose should benefit your business and employees. Your employees will be more accepting of technology that makes their jobs easier and more efficient.
  • Inform staff of changes: You must make your staff aware of the upcoming changes in technology, so they have plenty of time to prepare. You should also highlight the benefits of switching to the new technology as well as how it helps your employees.
  • Recruit employees to help: Choose employees at different levels of your staff to engage with the new technology before it is implemented. These employees will gain a better understanding of the technology and its benefits and can help explain the benefits to the rest of the staff.
  • Train staff in new technology: When the technology is ready for launch, train your staff with the new technology. Hands on training works the best as your staff will be able to experience the technology themselves and gain a better understanding of how to use it.  Consider the learning styles of individual employees and cater to them to provide personal training.
  • Personalize the technology: As mentioned above, it is important to help employees understand how the new technology can benefit them personally.  Show them how it will improve the work they do every day and set up a user profile for each employee that has access to all the data they need.
Outsourced IT Services

When you work with PSM, you have the option of outsourcing IT support services in which we can take over and manage certain aspects of your IT system.  We can also provide remote 24/7/365 monitoring of your system which allows us to identify any issues or outages before they happen and implement necessary fixes to protect your system and keep it online.  We will also provide maintenance reports to keep you up to date on the status of your system.

Talk to Our Digital Transformation Consultants


If your business or organization could benefit from a digital transformation, talk to our experts at PSM.  We can help implement and manage new technologies as part of your digital transformation or take more of a consulting role.

You can call us at (312) 940-7830 for more about our digital transformation management and consulting services for businesses and organizations in the Chicago area.

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