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An estimated 80% of businesses are overpaying for their telecom services. Are you paying too much? Telecom services are the first place to look for immediate cost reduction opportunities for your business. Let our team pit the providers against each other and find immediate savings. PSM has saved our clients over $10 million in telecom spend this year through our proven audit and strategic sourcing processes. We recovered over $3 million in billing errors alone! 

What’s Included in a Telecom Audit?

  • Free review of all existing telecommunications investments
  • Benchmarking and competitive recommendations based on current market conditions
  • Detailed feedback on areas for potential optimization

Telecom Audit Steps

Step 1

Determine which elements of your telecom environment you would like to have us audit for you (Internet connectivity, wide area network, telephony, data center, cloud platforms, etc.)

Step 2

We will schedule a meeting with you to gather the proper information and conduct an initial review of your spend portfolio.

Step 3

Our team will execute a full forensic analysis of your current investments, compare them to market rates and develop a competitive assessment for your review.

Step 4

We will review our findings with you, make suggestions for optimization and work with your current vendors to ensure any/all billing discrepancies are addressed, rectified and refunded where possible.

Benefits of an Audit

20% of all telecom charges are billed in error (in the carrier’s favor). We find the errors and recoup your money or we provide you with competitive alternatives for future savings

PSM has contractual agreements with over 100 carriers and service providers and we act as a broker/agent

We average over 30% cost savings to our clients when we conduct a full audit of telecom expenses. Drive immediate cost out of your business

Telecom Expense Management

Internal telecom infrastructure has never been more important as more businesses are having people working remotely.  If you want to ensure that you are using your telecom infrastructure as efficiently as possible, contact our professionals at PSM for telecom expense management.  We will analyze your telecom situation and implement solutions to maximize efficiency and lower your expenses.

Call our professionals at PSM at (312) 940-7830 for telecom expense management services.

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