Windows 11 Migration

PSM Partners offers Windows 11 migration and deployment services enabling businesses to transition smoothly to the latest Windows platform and leverage the enhanced security and productivity features.

Countdown to Windows 10 End of Life

Navigating Your Migration: Support at Every Step of the Way

PSM understands every situation is unique. By teaming up with us, you gain access to a highly skilled team. We conduct comprehensive readiness assessments and leverage a master database to craft a migration plan tailored to your needs, optimizing your technological resources. Whether your environment is large or small, our extensive industry expertise enables us to tackle and surpass the hurdles of any migration.

Why You Need PSM

Windows 11 Deployment Services

Upgrading devices from Windows 10 to Windows 11 offers significant advantages for companies. With our Windows 11 Deployment services, businesses can upgrade their older Windows versions and access the latest innovations, bolster security, and optimize performance to drive success in the digital era. Here’s how we make the transition easy:
Integrated End-Users Change Management

PSM uses our proven processes, methodologies, and best practices, focusing on high-end user satisfaction with very little workflow disruption.

Accelerated Project Timelines

By leveraging our expertise and integrating insights from your past projects, we ensure a flawless rollout experience, eliminating costly surprises and risks along the way.

IT Assest Management

PSM will assist with any third-party vendor(s) while managing all aspects of order, delivery, tagging, and disposal of all hardware.

Readiness Assessment for Windows 11

PSM leverages diverse sources to consolidate data into one master database. We'll engage with your IT team(s) for a thorough analysis, crafting a comprehensive report on your environment's readiness for Windows 11, accompanied by actionable recommendations.


No matter your current (or future) IT processes, PSM can adapt our methodologies to fit your infrastructure. (i.e. SCCM, Autopilot, etc.) We can image the devices, install applications, and apply security policies along with custom settings.

End-User Support

PSM provides technical resources that serve as an extension of your organization's support team. Whether it's engineering or end-user support, PSM provides true white glove service, ensuring users have support the moment they get upgraded. We offer resources for triaging incoming emails and tickets to minimize workflow disruption.

The Impact of Our Deployment Services


Our deployments have positively impacted over 32,000 end users.

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Our PSM deployment team executed 35+ projects, deploying over 15,000 devices, including PCs, laptops, desktops, thin clients, 5000 iPhones, 1000 switches, and 1400 access points.

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Less than 1% of open tickets escalated to clients support teams.

Windows 11 for Business

Performance & Security

Windows 11 starts a new era in malware defense, harnessing cutting-edge tools like Microsoft Defender Antivirus and SmartScreen to provide real-time protection against constantly evolving threats. Its formidable security encompasses everything from safeguarding Bluetooth connections to fortifying identities through features like Windows Hello and Passkeys. Equipped with the Microsoft Authenticator App and Find My Device, users can find peace of mind extending beyond their screens. Meanwhile, the Privacy Dashboard and suite of Microsoft-developed apps ensure a safer computing journey.

Whether thwarting ad trackers in Microsoft Edge or securing files with OneDrive backups, Windows 11 empowers users with unprecedented control over their digital footprint, bolstering their online presence against cyber threats.

Productivity & Personalization

Windows 11 offers a suite of upgraded features tailored to enhance productivity and personalization

  • With Microsoft Edge Collections, users can effortlessly organize web content, while Voice Typing simplifies text input.
  • The Digital Pen functionality has been refined for smoother touch and stylus interaction.
  • Widgets provide quick access to personalized information, and expanded Personalization options allow users to tailor their desktops to reflect their style.
  • The improved Snap feature streamlines multitasking, making it easier to manage multiple applications simultaneously

Together, these enhancements elevate the user experience, fostering a more efficient and personalized computing environment.

Windows 11 Device Upgrade

Empower Your Organization's Microsoft Journey with PSM Partners

As a distinguished Microsoft Solution Partner, PSM holds prestigious designations in Modern Work, Infrastructure Azure, and Security. Our commitment at PSM is to craft a state-of-the-art workplace environment and seamlessly guide you through every facet of your migration, modernization, optimization, and management journey with Microsoft. Specializing in harnessing the full potential of the latest Microsoft operating systems, PSM has successfully impacted over 32,000 end-users through our deployments.

When you choose PSM as your partner, you unlock access to a highly skilled team that conducts comprehensive readiness assessments and leverages a master database to tailor a migration plan precisely to your needs.

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Windows 11

Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve

Begin mitigating risk and enhancing productivity by harnessing the power of Windows 11 alongside PSM Partners today.

Windows 11 FAQ

Microsoft has set October 14, 2025, as the official end date for Windows 10 support. Beyond this point, users should not expect to receive any further bug fixes, security patches, time zone updates, or technical assistance. However, for those who still rely on Windows 10 and wish to continue using it instead of upgrading to Windows 11, there will be an option to extend support by paying for an extension.

Continuing to operate an unsupported version of Windows will keep your PC functional, but it will increasingly expose it to security threats and viruses. While your computer will still start and run, Microsoft will no longer provide essential software updates, including crucial security patches, leaving your system at risk.

Windows 10 will reach end of support (EOS) on October 14, 2025. While it  may seem like a long runway, ensuring a modernized infrastructure will help keep your organization productive and its data secure. We encourage organizations to realize the benefits of Windows 11 by upgrading eligible devices to Windows 11 well ahead of the EOS date.

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