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Learn what makes the business consulting & technology masters at PSM tick

In 2014, Dan Porcaro, Mike Mete and Dave Stolarek came together with over 70 years of combined experience in the technology space. Dan is a lifelong entrepreneur who had built four successful companies from the ground up. Dave is a proven sales executive from the telecommunications market and Mike is among the most well-respected technology leaders in Chicago.

Although they all had unique backgrounds, each had acquired a similar passion over their careers for establishing and maintaining a great corporate culture, along with working with clients and partners they respected. Collectively, Dan, Dave and Mike shared an intense focus on team building and realized the importance of people ahead of revenues. As their early discussions unfolded, the three men knew they had a unique recipe for success. This partnership would be centered on the idea of building Chicago’s most sought-after Business Strategy and Technology consulting firm. This would be a lifestyle business with a family atmosphere, both internally and externally. Clients, just like team members, would need to be seeking the same type of environment for this to work. Remaining “boutique” and never losing sight of culture would come from a commitment to cap the company’s size and to never sell the business. And so, on January 1, 2015 from a tiny shared office space in Chicago’s financial district, Porcaro Stolarek Mete Partners, LLC was born and would soon become known simply as “PSM”.

From the very beginning, PSM’s focus on long term partnerships and an avoidance of one and done transactional business has set them apart from the pack. Profitable since their third month of existence, the company onboarded over 150 clients during the first two years of business, all through customer referrals and personal networking. PSM grew its own team to over 30 full-time employees, further showcasing the ability to attract and maintain the top resources in the marketplace. Clients began asking us to help them build their own teams as well. PSM’s “Talent” practice was forged and we now provide a full suite of Staffing and Recruiting capabilities in addition to our Strategy and Technology practices.

PSM is a very special place, and that is due to the amazing family of team members and clients that make us who we are today. We welcome you to explore our site and learn more about us and we thank you for taking some time to read our story.

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Incredible People

We foster a family environment, built upon a team with excellent core values and diverse backgrounds.

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We work hard and we play hard. Our entire team prides itself on excellence in all we do. Success is contagious!

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Forging strong, trust based relationships is at the core of who we are, both internally and externally. Our customers are our friends.