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PSM Partners stands apart from regular IT staffing and recruiting agencies because we are not only an agency, but also an IT firm. This unique combination empowers us with deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to precisely identify the candidates your team needs. Sourcing IT talent requires specialized skills that go beyond basic resume matching, and that’s where many staffing firms fall short. However, as an IT firm ourselves, we intimately understand the unique needs and challenges IT teams face.

With PSM Partners, you can trust that we possess the skills and insights to effectively recruit for both contract and full-time positions. By leveraging our expertise as an IT firm, we bridge the gap between recruitment and technical proficiency. Choose PSM Partners as your trusted IT staffing and recruitment partner. We bring together the best of both worlds: the insights of an IT firm and the expertise of a specialized staffing agency. Let us help you build a high-performing IT team that drives your organization’s success.

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Specialty Technology Expertise We Staff

Our IT staffing services are designed to connect you with top-tier talent that will seamlessly integrate into your team and help you achieve your goals 


We match you with highly skilled Software Engineers, Coders, and Architects, that possess extensive expertise spanning a wide range of technologies.


Our recruitment process focuses on selecting Engineers with diverse technical expertise. This allows your team to effectively and efficiently tackle a wide range of IT challenges.

Project Managers

We connect you to adept Technical Project Managers and experienced Scrum Masters, who have a wealth of knowledge in diverse project management tools, frameworks and styles.


Look no further for highly skilled Architects who excel in crafting architectures tailored to meet your organizations specific requirements.

Placement Types

Permanent Placement

Discovering the ideal individual for a role within an organization requires finesse. We derive immense satisfaction from identifying the perfect candidate, whether it’s for a C-suite position or an entry-level role, and everything in between.

Staffing Augmentation 

For urgent specialized IT projects, we offer fast IT staff augmentation. We understand your project requirements and assemble a team of expert consultants to ensure its successful completion. Our professionals will help you find the IT talent you need to complete any project with a fast turnaround.

Contract to Hire

We can help you with contract and/or contract-to-hire models and implement proactive retention strategies so you can keep your best talent. 

IT Staffing Process

Throughout the hiring process, we maintain close engagement with your team, ensuring effective collaboration at every step. If you have specific candidate requirements, we will use them to initiate our sourcing activities, leveraging your criteria for our search. In cases where you are unsure about the ideal candidate’s skill set, our team is equipped to assist you in developing the appropriate job description. Our technical screening process sets us apart, as we rely on a team of over 75 Engineers and Consultants to thoroughly vet candidates before their resumes reach you. This phase eliminates over 70% of candidates, saving you time and effort. Leveraging an extensive database of IT professionals and extensive networks, our recruiters ensure that you have access to top-tier talent. Our ultimate goal is to create a hiring experience where everyone involved feels supported, heard, and respected, delivering excellence from start to finish and restoring your faith in the recruiting process.

The IT staffing process typically includes the following steps:

Step 1

Reach Out

Share your staffing requirements by submitting a request and informing us about your specific needs and preferences.

Step 1

Step 2


One of our dedicated team members will contact you to discuss and understand your distinct requirements.

Step 2

Step 3

Review Candidates

We diligently search, meticulously screen, and present you with a thoughtfully curated list of  qualified candidates that match your culture.

Step 3

Step 4

Interview & Offer

We will take care of scheduling and conducting interviews, and we will also assist in extending an offer to the candidate who is chosen.

Step 4

Step 5

Hire & Onboard

Secure your ideal candidate and leave the onboarding process in our capable hands. We will even background check and drug test candidates for you. 

Step 5

Step 6

30-60-90 Day Reviews

We will follow up with reviews every 30, 60, and 90 days to ensure that candidates are working out well for your business.

Step 6

Why PSM Partners

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Built many project teams consisting of 30 consultants or more.

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PSM closed 80% of the requisitions we worked on. 


PSM has filled roles across 20 IT disciplines.

IT Staffing FAQ

We offer adaptable payment frameworks designed to suit your specific hiring requirements. We analyze your allocated budget and identify ideal candidates who align with your salary criteria. Reach out to our team with your request, and we will furnish you with a personalized quotation.

From large corporations on the Fortune 500 list to burgeoning startups nationwide, we take pride in collaborating with companies, departments, and teams of varying sizes.

Following the consultation, our team promptly springs into action. Depending on the nature of your requirement, we will present you with carefully selected and screened candidates within a span of 2 to 7 days.

Schedule a Consultation

If your business or institution needs help finding and hiring top IT talent, talk to our professionals at PSM about our IT recruiting services.  Our experts will understand your technology needs and screen applicants to present you with the best possible candidates.

Give us a call to schedule a consultation for our IT staffing services in Chicago, IL.

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