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Our multi-level team staffing talent acquisition solutions streamline your hiring process. PSM’s multi-level team staffing Talent Advantage

PSM’s multi-level team staffing Process

psm-technology-servicesWe intimately understand that a company must stand for something, and our dedicated approach helps our partners define and express the core values and culture that speak to them. We help share those values with all existing and potential additions to your team.

Our two decades of in-depth experience in talent acquisition strategy and technology have allowed us to develop a foolproof talent screening process, leveraging our expertise and ultimately ensuring the delivery of qualified candidates every time.

At PSM, we pride ourselves on maintaining contact and staying engaged with our partners and candidates befor e, during, and after placement to ensure continued success.

PSM’s multi-level team staffing Process

1 – Developing the Story: We aren’t just putting together a job description and fishing for resumes. We genuinely want to understand your story and help you build a unique brand value proposition that will attract the right candidates.

2 – Technical Assessments: With over 30 in-house architects and engineers, we are able to quickly and efficiently understand your technology stack as it relates to hiring requirements. We also utilize these experts to develop customized assessment and screening tools that we use in our recruitment and interview processes.

3 – Cultural Expectations: Understanding our partner’s cultural expectations is jut as important to placing a successful hire as the technical assessments are. Our recruitment experts perfor m in-depth cultural assessments to help determine if a candidate is the right fit for the ideals and values behind your company.

4 – Continuous Involvement: We are focuses on building genuine, long-term relationships with our partners; we take the time to remain involved after a candidate is placed to ensure a successful match. We get it right the first time, in the event of a poor fit we correct it and replace the hire with a more suitable candidate.

Great talent can often make or break how well a business runs, and your business must run like a well-oiled machine to stay competitive.

At PSM, our multi-level team staffing solutions collaborate with your in-house executive team to maximize your hiring efficiency and retention. Using a unique, holistic approach to staffing and talent acquisition that has been cultivated over two decades, our experts are able to cater to the hiring needs of all business sizes, from small local businesses to global corporate enterprises.


Talent Strategy Consulting: Whether your business is new or you’re going through some growing pains in your business model, your hiring process must maximize the attraction, onboarding, and retention tactics to ensure a good fit, for you and the talent.


PSM’s multi-level team staffing solutions take an integrated approach to your existing hiring process in order to design a fully customized hiring process that covers all of your needs and talent goals.

We’ll help you:

  • Build an employee value proposition unique to your company.
  • Streamline interview and onboarding processes.
  • Develop a retention proposition to keep great talent around.
  • Help build an in-house talent acquisition team for the future of your company.

We specialize in hiring process organization, hiring for ecasts, pipeline prioritization, culture and branding, retention programs and onboarding process.

Strategic Recruiting and Staffing: Do you have an integral, but challenging position that you’re struggling to fill? PSM can help remove the barriers to hiring the ideal candidate for those unique roles.

Since we are IT consultants working with multi level team staffing with years of hands-on experience, we offer a unique recruitment experience. We leverage our technical expertise and in-house recruitment teams to navigate the candidate landscape and translate the technical requirements of the role to better attract the most qualified technology and sales candidates regardless of the circumstances presented by the role.

We specialize in remote positions, contract roles, contract-to-hire and permanent in-house positions.

Executive Search Solutions: Managing the recruitment of premium talent from the top down is mission critical for both corporations and startups, but sometimes it requires a dedicated team of professionals.

Our enterprise-level talent solutions support your existing staff augmentation and hiring initiatives for C-level and managerial positions across North America.

We specialize in executive recruitment, C-Level staffing and managerial talent search.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): Whether you’re a startup experiencing explosive growth or a small business without existing in-house recruitment capabilities, you deserve access to a qualified candidate pool to help fill a void and grow your business.

The recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions at PSM provide dedicated and experienced recruitment teams to support your unique hiring needs quickly, efficiently and exclusively.

Especially useful for partners that need to hire and onboard talent quickly and in large volumes, RPO helps you clear any hurdles or growing pains you may be experiencing.

Find an Open Position With Our Partners:

We work closely with each of our partners to identify premium talent candidates to fill their open technology and sales positions.

If you’re looking for the perfect career path, our multi level team staffing can help, so you’re in the right place. Feel free to browse our current open positions.

What makes PSM unique is our integration of multi-level team staffing with our talent, strategy and technology.

We provide multi-level team staffing services in the Chicagoland area, including but not limited to: Chicago, Arlington Heights, Elk Grove Village, Elmhurst, Lombard, Joliet, Merrillville, Northbrook, Naperville, Oak Brook, Oak Park, Orland Park, Palatine, Schaumburg, Skokie, Waukegan, and all other Chicagoland area locations.

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