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In Demand Professional Skills for 2023

In Demand Skills for 2023

As technology rapidly evolves, hiring managers are searching for skillsets that are suitable for candidates who possess current knowledge about the latest technologies. A common hiring strategy companies are using is centered around a skills-based approach.  According to a 2022 Test Gorilla report, 76% of businesses use skill-based hiring because it enables companies to assess …

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What You Should Know About Staffing Agencies

For many businesses hiring is an extensive and time-consuming process. It requires the business owner or hiring managers to review applications, conduct interviews, and determine salaries – all of which can be difficult to manage while juggling other daily tasks. Therefore, many employers turn to staffing agencies as reliable partners in their search for qualified …

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Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Causes and Solutions

Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Cybersecurity is a significant issue around the world as individuals, businesses, and even governments are more vulnerable than ever to data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other attacks from cybercriminals.  Those who commit cyber-attacks have become more sophisticated, making it difficult for businesses and organizations to protect themselves without the help of a cybersecurity professional. In …

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